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27 Enfilado Ave, FootHill Ranch Roof Leak Repair

Customer: Jones Residence

Job Address: 27 Enfilado Ave, Foothill Ranch

Roofing Problem: Ceiling damage in the living room in two different spots

Roof Type: Standard weight concrete roofing tile (Spanish tile profile)

Solution: Brian has two leaks in his living room. There are two separate spots on the ceiling. The spots on the ceiling are directly below two valley areas on the roof directly above the stain on the ceiling. The plan is to perform leak detection on the roof directly above each stain (2 leak detection tests).

Roof Leak Detection We do roof leak detection in order to find the actual leak source on the roof. This will require us to remove the tiles, felt paper, and any necessary flashing in order to find the leak source. Unlike most roofer who just remove a certain size area or some tiles we actually find the leak source and fix it the first time. That is why our warranties are so much longer. After the leak source is found we will then put the roof back together with new felt and flashing (as needed) and re-install the existing tiles.