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San Juan Capistrano Roof Repair – Auburn Tile Roof Repair

San Juan Capistrano Tile Roof Repair (949)-597-0192

Association: Stoneridge

Customer: Pickett Residence

Roof Address: 30115 Hillside Terrace, San Juan Capistrano 92675

Roofing Problem: We were called out to inspect the roof in Stoneridge, San Juan Capistrano for a reported roof leak in the laundry room and to inspect the rest of the roof for any loose tiles, missing tiles, check the flashings, skylights, chimney, and to find any roof maintenance problems the Pickett’s need to be aware of

Roof Inspection Results: The type of roof the Pickett’s have is standard weight, multi-color, standard weight, flat profile, slate looking, Auburn tile roof installed on a 7/12 pitched roof over a 1×2 batten system. This is a good roof but your roofer should be familiar with these types of roofing tiles and the pitch. It’s easy to make a mistake or get hurt doing roof repair jobs like this. We found several slipped or displaced tiles, 13 broken field tiles, a couple broken ridge tiles, a missing trim tile above the front door, some loose trim tiles, missing mortar all over the roof, and we identified the area of the roof where it is leaking.

Roof Repair Solution: The first thing we need to do is carefully remove the tiles and safely stack them aside for later re-use. The area on the roof where the water is leaking through is called the valley. Valley sections of a tile roof can be tricky. Both sides of the valley will have to be removed. Because the tiles in the valley have been custom cut to fit in the valley we will need to marked each one as we pull it up so that we can put the roof back together exactly as it was. Failure of the roofer to do this and the valley will look crooked. With each tile pulled up, carefully stacked aside, and marked, we can then remove the 1×2 wood battens and get the valley flashing and roofing felt up. We will keep doing this until we find the leak source. With the leak source found we will use techniques only found at South County Roofing to make sure that when we join the roof repair into the existing roof you do not get a weak spot. If this is not done perfectly you will likely be calling the roof back out to repair the areas of the roof that are adjacent to the roof repair. After all the water proofing is correct we will then install the tile roof back to its original condition.

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