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Customer: Talley Residence

Job Address: 13 Wakonda, Dove Canyon

Roofing Problem: Leaking skylight in the living room. And a small roof leak in the master bedroom

Roofing Solution: Completely remove all the roofing tiles, skylight flashing, and felt paper from around the skylight and from the area directly above the roof leak in the master bedroom. Find both leak sources. Install new water proof felt paper all the way around the skylight and above the master bedroom leak. Fabricate new flashing for the skylight. Install the tile back in place. Install new mortar for the front of the skylight. Re-install the skylight dome.

If you have a leaking skylight or some other roof leak you would like found, solved, and permanently repaired with a long term for a reputable company then you found us. All we do are roof repairs. That’s all we have been doing since 1991. If I can’t warranty your repair with a long term warranty then I will not attempt to repair.

The following set of pictures show the field leak work that we did over the master bedroom. Our roof repair work is very precisely done. You notice the areas removed are clean and straight. We take a lot of pride in our workmanship and strive to provide our customers with the highest quality roofing experience we can.


Aliso Viejo Roof Leak Repair | Chimney / Fireplace Roof Leak Repair

Roof Repair for 20 Wild Rose Place Aliso Viejo, Ca. 92656

Roof leak repair in Aliso Viejo, Ca.  Aliso Viejo is full of tracts of homes with standard weight concrete tile roofs.  You can expect to get 10-20 years out of a concrete tile roof before any problems arise but just like with anything eventually your going to need to do some roof repairs.

Aliso Viejo Roof Chimney Leak


Aliso Viejo Roof Chimney Leak.  Above pictures show what we first saw when we went up on the roof to see what might be the problem.  When we are called out because of a reported roof leak we try our best to find any easy or obvious problem that we could solve that would possibly fix the roof.  If we do not see any defects to the roof or damage that could be a leak source then we will have to do leak detection and track the leak to it’s source.  Here we found no broken tiles, the mortar in good shape, and all the flashing appeared to be in order.

We will have to remove the roof from around the chimney (about 3-4 feet in every direction) and do leak detection procedure to find the roof leak source.

All tile removed from around the chimney

The first parts of the roof to have leaking problem is the valleys, skylights, and chimney or fireplace boxes.  These areas can handle a lot of water and they have some detail flashing work that needs to be very well in order for the roof not to fail here.  The leak coming into the house was a small on and made a very small (baseball) sized brownish stain on the master bedroom ceiling.  I had wanted the customer this is a sign of roof failure around or very near to the chimney (which is directly above the ceiling damage) and that we would need to at least remove the tile and flashing around the chimney to rule it out or find the problem.

Chimney Repair all materials removed down to the deck.









With everything removed we could see water stains on the plywood just below satellite dish (not related to the dish).  The plywood was carefully checked and was deemed okay after all nails were re-pounded into the deck.  All new felt, waterproofing was installed back in place and roof flashing was fabricated on the spot and everything was put back together in a manner to outlast the whole rest of the existing roof covering.









In the end we found a problem with the original stucco around the chimney was causing the initial water intrusion under the flashing and felt paper and that is what wore out the felt (roofing) paper near the front left corner of the chimney and caused the leak in the master bedroom.  After all the felt and flashing was replaced we repaired the stucco and put everything back together.  The repair we did will outlast the whole rest of the roof.  Our warranty is “No Leak” 5 year warranty.  The best you’ll find.












San Clemente Roofing, Roof Repair, and Wood Fascia Replacement

116 Paseo De La Serena, San Clemente, Ca. 92672

We are in San Clemente, Ca. this week doing a large fascia and gutter repair.  We have about 200 feet of wood fascia to remove and haul away, we are supplying new kiln dried spruce to be primed and hung with hot dipper galvanized fasteners.  All fascia will be pre-primed on all six sides.  After all fascia is hung we will spray the eaves with two coats of paint (home owner to choose the color) and roll on two coats of exterior grade semi-gloss for the fascia.  All fascia joint will be mitered and tight.

While in the process of the fascia removal we found three rafter tails to remove and replace.  We will finish off the job with new 2×4 baked on enamel drip edge metal and a 6″ half round brand new gutter system.

San Clemente Wood Fascia













We are also going to do the following roofing services:

  1. Add a 20watt solar fan over the garage
  2. Add three O’Hagin Roof Vents over the garage.
  3. Add roof to wall metal where missing
  4. Tune up the roof by nailing down all loose flashing, and resealing and painting them.

We do quality roofing and roof repairs all the time in San Clemente and nearby areas.  We have been licensed and insured since 1997.  We are owner operated.  If you need any help with wood fascia repair or to solve a roof leak call us and we’ll see what we can do to get your roof on the right path.  949-597-0192