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2 Thornapple, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Customer: Chun Residence

Job Type: Tile roof repair

Roofing Problem : We were called out to do a roof inspection at the Chun residence because of a reported roof leak. The Chun were getting water damage to the interior ceiling in an upstairs spare bedroom and also the upstairs hallway bathroom.

Roof Type: Standard weight, flat, concrete roofing tile (brushed shake)

Solution: Identify the two areas on the roof that were directly related to the inside ceiling damage. The roof needed to be significantly repaired in both areas. The first area turned out to be a problem with the chimney flashing. We completely all the roofing tiles, all the flashing, and all of the roofing felt from around the chimney. We were then able to determine that the leak was confined to the area we had removed. With that knowledge we installed a layer of ice and water shield around the chimney, new roofing felt, and then custom fabricate new chimney flashing. With the water proofing done we were then able to re-use the existing tile that we had carefully stacked aside for later re-use and used them to put the roof back together in its original condition.

Roof Leak DetectionThe second roof leak turned out to be centered in a valley. A valley is an area of the roof where two sides meet at about a 45 degree angle. The valley catches and directs the water either off the roof completely or back on top of the roof tiles where it can safely run off the roof. Valley leak for a number of reason and they are very tricky to repair. If you don’t do enough to fix the valley you will end up fixing it again. If you suspect your tile roof has a leak in either the valley or around a chimney call us and you can be sure it will get done correctly.

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