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Customer: Talley Residence

Job Address: 13 Wakonda, Dove Canyon

Roofing Problem: Leaking skylight in the living room. And a small roof leak in the master bedroom

Roofing Solution: Completely remove all the roofing tiles, skylight flashing, and felt paper from around the skylight and from the area directly above the roof leak in the master bedroom. Find both leak sources. Install new water proof felt paper all the way around the skylight and above the master bedroom leak. Fabricate new flashing for the skylight. Install the tile back in place. Install new mortar for the front of the skylight. Re-install the skylight dome.

If you have a leaking skylight or some other roof leak you would like found, solved, and permanently repaired with a long term for a reputable company then you found us. All we do are roof repairs. That’s all we have been doing since 1991. If I can’t warranty your repair with a long term warranty then I will not attempt to repair.

The following set of pictures show the field leak work that we did over the master bedroom. Our roof repair work is very precisely done. You notice the areas removed are clean and straight. We take a lot of pride in our workmanship and strive to provide our customers with the highest quality roofing experience we can.